Thursday, April 8, 2010

stART-Noah’s Ark and What Makes a Rainbow

For those of you new to the tot school thing, stART revolves around a story, and, you guessed it, art! You can check out more stART activities at A Mommy’s Adventures

This was our first OFFICIAL stART activity.  We’ve combined stories and projects, but never this directly.  Today we read the story of Noah’s Ark in E’s Jesus Storybook Bible.  E LOVES this book, but she did not really dig the whole Noah story.  We read it though, and we talked about the rainbow and God’s promise.  We also read What Makes a Rainbow, which was a request of E’s and fit with our project.
100_0483 100_0489 

We made this collage rainbow that my friend, Sarah, told me about.  We went through old magazines and looked for colored pictures and she got to tear them up in little pieces.  She then got to glue them, which I think was her favorite part. 

I really liked this activity, and I know E did too.  We had some guests for dinner and she really wanted them to see her “ainbow”.  Let me know if any of you try it and how it goes!

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