Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Light and Shadows

Our little girl, E, has always been a good sleeper.  She didn’t have a problem in the bassinet.  She didn’t have a problem in the crib.  Even when we converted her crib to a toddler bed, we lucked out.  She stayed in her bed, prayed with us, and then rolled over and went to sleep.  We were sufficiently spoiled. 

Then E discovered shadows.  Shadows are my little girls fear.  She would see them everywhere.  At nighttime, in a night light lit bedroom, they are in abundant supply.  I was ready with all my super mommy tricks, like monster spray and magic blankets, but my husband in his infinite wisdom, had a better idea.  He taught E to pray when she was scared.  Let me tell you, there is nothing sweeter that a two year old saying “God is good, and Jesus Loves Me”.  It worked for a little while, but fear is a powerful thing.  I was ready again with my super mommy tool belt, but Jeff, once again, answered E’s fears with Godly wisdom. 

He told E that if she looked in the dark, it would be easy to find shadows.  Shadows like the dark.  But, if E looked at her night light, which was like Jesus, then a funny think happened.  When E looked at her night light, the shadows disappeared!  Shadows, it turns out, don’t like the light.  E still struggles, but we remind her to pray, and focus on the light.  She, and we, are sleeping soundly most nights. 

Jeff pointed out that in our lives as Christians, Jesus is our light.  Shadows, it turns out, only come into view when something is between us and the light.  Its easy to find shadows.  I mean we all struggle with something, and that something often comes between us and the light of Christ.  Sometimes, like E, we feel overwhelmed by the shadows that we see.  Its scary, and it seems like we’ll be overtaken.  Its those times that we need to look only at the light, and funny enough, when we’re focused on the light, the shadows go away.  I don’t know your struggles, but God does.  Focus on the light, and when fear still creeps in, remind yourself that God is good, and Jesus, beloved, loves you. 

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