Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tot School Week of 3/7

                                           E is 25 Months Old

This week in Tot School we actually did some things! It was a much needed return to normalcy for our household.  We read several different books this week and did some activities that worked with them.  We read Are You My Mother? and played the “Where is my mommy?” game with some of her stuffed animals.  We put some of her toys on one side of the yard and smaller matches on the other side (like big teddy bear on one end, little bear on the other).  I let her run back and forth matching the “mommies” to the “babies” and timed her.  She loved beating the timer bell.  IT WAS REALLY FUN!   Sadly, my camera is stupid and the pics are mysteriously GONE.  I have the other pics from the week, but the mommy game is no where to be found.  OH WELL.

We also read Green Eggs and Ham and made, what else, green eggs.  We talked about how the eggs were yellow, and then we added blue food coloring.  E was amazed that the eggs turned green, and we talked about how blue and yellow make green.  She ate the eggs too, which I must confess, surprised me a little. :)                                                 126_0308 126_0309
We also made the “L for Leprechaun”  in preparation for St. Patrick’s day.  She loved making the “man” as she called it. 
 126_0316 126_0320
Lastly, I found this cute counting book on Totally Tots.  We made one using butterfly stickers and fingerprints.  E got to stick the stickers on, and we counted.  Then we got to count again when she added her prints.  I loved how this came out, and when we look at it  now she is sure to point out her fingerprints.126_0319126_0318
To see what others did this week hop on over to 1+1+1=1 and check out Tot School. 

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