Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tot School Week of 2/28

This past week, as I have previously stated, has been a really crazy week for us.  I organize my week from Tuesday to Tuesday (its what works for us) and that salvaged Tot School. I don’t have a lot to report because last week we tried ONE activity and after two tantrums, that went out the window.  We will try the butterfly patterns some other time in the future.  E really liked using the water bottle and the markers on this, but she wasn’t feeling the actual butterfly part of it!  
We read a lot of Dr. Seuss this week too.  Like most of you tot school moms we were celebrating Read Across America week.  Its not limited to one week though, so we will probably have some Seussian inspired creations this week, like this Cat In The Hat craft over at A Mommy Talks.  All we did this week was read “One Fish, Two Fish” a LOT, when time allowed. :)

The one thing we did do this week was Zoo Bingo.  It was finally warm this week, so we took our first trip to the zoo with our friends K and Sarah.  I printed out the bingo cards and we looked for the animals.  Instead of using a dabber or a marker to keep track of our progress I used stickers.  E however was in a tantrum throwing mood.  Here is what she did because I refused to let her pet the Puma.                                                     
Bingo was A LOT to keep up with in the zoo, so we actually tabled the activity until later this evening after E had a nice LOOOONG nap.  I took out our mostly empty zoo bingo card and we recalled the information about our trip.   As we talked about our day and the animals we saw we put a sticker on.  I liked the way this worked out.  It helped E recall what we did, put it in order, and name the animals.  If you have little ones that can’t keep up with the bingo cards, I recommend giving this a try.  E loved telling me the story of our day and using the bingo card as a guide. 
126_0288 126_0278
To see some actual Tot School lessons this week, skip on over to 1+1+1=1 and see what other did.

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