Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Time to Be Born

When I was a little girl I really wanted a Samantha doll.  Samantha was an American Girl Doll, and she was perpetually suspended in the early 1900’s.  I fell in love with her Victorian Wardrobe and the stories about where she went to school and what she did at home.  It was fascinating.  I often found myself wishing I too was living in the Victorian Era, with their soft lit mansions and high necked dressing gowns.  The books made it all look so enchanting, as books often do. 

As I got older TV took over where my imagination left off, and it caused a new set of desires to rise up in me.  I found myself wanting to conquer the prairie with Laura Ingalls, or tackle the Great Depression with Mary Ellen Walton.  Things looked simpler, and once again, it all looked so enchanting. 

As an adult it shouldn’t surprise me that I often feel like I am living in a time in which I don’t quite fit in.  It seems like the values I hold dear and the people I want to emulate are not highly regarded among my generation.  I want to be a stay at home mom.  I would like to sew.  I enjoy cleaning the house, cooking supper for my family, and baking.  I mean, slap some pearls on me and call me June Cleaver.  Its hard sometimes to live in a world where you really feel like you might be the product of a bygone era, and you haven’t even reached 30.

If you’ve ever been referred to as an “old soul” you probably know where I’m coming from on this one.  You just feel kind of out of place, like you’d be happier out in that little house on the prairie.  The thing is though God knew right where He wanted you.  He could have put you up in that Victorian mansion, or in that Virginia farmhouse, but there is a reason He didn’t.  There is a time to be born, and its not just a day of the year.  Whether you are 50 or 17, you were born right when and where you were supposed to be.  It wasn’t an accident.  There is comfort in that, at least for me.  You and I were equipped and built for times such as these, and before you were even formed in your mother’s womb, HE knew the plans HE had for you.  If you’re feeling like you don’t belong, if your questioning His timing, if you are looking around the world and saying “I don’t think I can take this”, take heart.  He knew what would happen in the world around you, and He knew you would handle it all just swimmingly.   

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