Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I like to look over peoples fences.  I think I’ve made it my job to be God’s unofficial green grass inspector.  I like to walk around, peek over your fence and say “yup, your grass is definitely greener.”  Most times you won’t even have the pleasure of knowing I looked at the grass on your side of the fence,  I will just secretly resent you for it.  What’s worse is I will resent God for it.  If God loved me, surely he would just give me the green grass if I ask, right?  So I start asking.  With that God, the creator of the universe, is reduced to my personal genie. 

“Dear God,” I’ll pray, “please, please give me the green grass I am wanting.  I will use it well.  I will let people come over and look at it.  I will bless others with my blessing.  Please Lord, give it to me.  Its what I want.  Don’t you want me to be happy?”

At this point Envy isn’t the only sin that has crept into my heart.   Now, in my Pride I will refuse to wait on the Lord’s timing.  I start  looking for green grass out there to claim.  I skip from lawn to lawn trying to figure out your secret for lawn care.  I rack my sinful little brain.  How do you do it?  You grass is so green!!!  I swear every time I look over your fence its getting greener!!!  HOW DO YOU DO THAT!?!?!  I probably don’t want to hear the answer though.  Your secret is probably Hard Work. Sacrifice.  Devotion.  Loyalty.  Faith. Ick…who wants all that responsibility?

Since there aren’t any green fields out there to claim, I turn yet again to God.  I am little bit wiser this time.  I know that green grass takes work.  I’ve learned that much.  I tell God, “I know I’ll have to work for it.  I get that, but please God, could you tell me what to do?”
That’s when I get a reply. He tells me to trust in Him, that all things HE does are working for my good.  He tells me to be willing to lay down the desires of my heart in Sacrifice to Him.  To know that I didn’t sign on for the easy way of things so I must possess Loyalty to the cause I am undertaking, and that I will have to labor and put in some Hard Work.  He tells me that others will mock me for my Devotion to such a dead patch of brown grass, but that He knows what He’s doing, so I have to have Faith in what I can’t see.  Then finally He tells me the real secret, the one I’ve been missing. 

He tells me to STAY on my grass.  Stay.  That’s the secret I’ve been missing. 
“You see,” He tells me, “I have given you this patch of grass  because you are the only one here who can make it green.  Stay where you are.  There are blessings right here that you are missing because you won’t stay put, so just stay.  I AM right here with you.”      

So that is what I do. 

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  1. you should really be writing for Proverbs 31 Woman!