Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tot School Week of 2/14

What a busy week we had in tot school!  This week we concentrated on a couple of things.  We began concentrating on the letter A this week and its sound.  In addition we worked on the colors blue and green and counting from 1 to 4.  Here is a little bit of what we did this week.  
E loves Disney movies, so to help with our alphabet I created some coloring sheets that had Disney characters on them with letters.  This week we colored “A is for Ariel”  E REALLY liked coloring Ariel.  She’s been saying “A Ariel” around the house too, so I think  this method is a keeper.  I will try to get the sheet on-line so anyone who wants to can use it!
126_0211  126_0215
We also did the A is for Alligator activity that you can find here.  126_0243126_0245
E liked gluing on the teeth, but she never really took to it like the Ariel activity.  Princesses are the way to go, I guess!
We worked on some snow activities too, since there was plenty of it hanging around early in the week.  E liked the Pom Pom Snowman a lot.  It helped us work on our colors, too.  126_0228126_0229
Keeping with the snow theme we worked on picking “snowballs” up with tongs, which E eventually got the hang of.  She used two hands at first, but then progressed to doing things one handed.  She wanted to do this activity everyday, so we did.                                                            

Counting is not coming as easily to E as the alphabet, but after a disastrous first day activity I won’t even detail, (though it was all my glorious idea) I used the popularity of the cotton balls and glue to make a counting activity.  We lined up the numbers above the paper and made glue dots to correspond with the number.  E got to put the cotton balls in place on the glue, which she liked a lot.  It was really simple but we did it a couple of times just because she liked it so much.  
To see what others did this week check out tot-school on 1+1+1=1   
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  1. I think it is great that you did the A is for Ariel! Connecting learning to what the love helps them to make those connections quicker. Great week.