Thursday, February 18, 2010


We had some good friends over yesterday evening.  They, like my husband and I, are in the ministry.  Ministry, like Christianity itself, is a daily transition.  At times it seems like you’ve had you’re Miranda Rights read to you, and everything you say or do can and will be used against you, or like you’re a super-hero whose revealed their true identity.  Some, not all, seem to think that you shouldn’t have struggles, or should be constantly righteous and upstanding.  No matter how committed and content you are in your calling, the simple fact of the matter is this side of Heaven, that ain’t the case. 

Now, you don’t have to be in full time ministry to be seen as a super-hero.  The moment those around know that you’re a Christian, you’re viewed in a different light.  Its almost like you’ve ducked into the nearest phone booth and pulled on your spandex.

You’re watched more closely.  You’re judged more harshly.  You’re bashed more bitterly.  From the school yard to the office cubicle, you have a different set of expectations placed on you, and the moment you don’t live up to those expectations, well, then you face your kryptonite Glory Girl and Righteous Boy.
The threat of kryptonite lurking in places unknown is enough to scare some of us into silence, or worse.  Some of us turn into what I call “guardian angel” Christians where the only thing that let’s people know we believe in Jesus Christ are our chain e-mails 0r status updates.  This is not how we are to live.  Not as Christians, not as believers in a Savior who conquered death and the powers of hell.  Surely, HE wants more for us than fear, timidity, and blessing that requires 10 or more forwards. 

We have hope in things unseen, and to the fallen world that appears foolish.  No one wants to sign on willingly to a life of ridicule, trial, and struggle.  But, we did.

We did, and it is in those times of ridicule, trial and struggle that we find out not what we are made of, but what HE has made in us.  We begin to see what HE is doing through us, for us, and by us.  Through him there is nothing we cannot do.  So chin up Glory Girl and Righteous Boy, the battle is already won.  Go out there today and face your kryptonite. 

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