Monday, February 22, 2010

Bigger Pots

I am not much of a gardener.  Its not dirt that I mind so much, but I am not a worm person.  Every Spring though, I see all the flowers in the garden section and get the hankering to get my hands dirty.  I buy a couple of flats of pansies, some pots, and a bag or two of worm free dirt then head home to “garden”.  Most years my pansies, despite the name, end up being quite hardy, and I enjoy blooms for quite a few weeks.  Then, the novelty wears off, and I forget to water the little guys and they finally shrivel up and kick it.  
I don’t know what got into me last year, but I started “tending” my garden.  My two pots of pansies flourished, and they were watered daily.  They were getting HUGE.  Blooms would die, and I didn’t just leave them there like I usually would, I pruned them and got rid of the dead growth.  They grew and grew and then something happened.  They started dying.  I didn’t get it.  I thought there had to be some kind of bug eating them.  Nope.  Not enough water?  Nope.  Too much water?  Nope.  The culprit?  Their pot, my sweet little pansies pot, was suddenly just too small.  The pot was no longer able to meet their needs and if I didn’t move them, well then, they were all going to die.  At that point I knew that if they died all my work and effort to get them to that point would have been in vain.  In the end I realized that this was what I was growing them for though.  I was pouring into them so that one day they would be hearty, healthy, and beautiful enough to move on to bigger pots. 
Sometimes we figure out that we need bigger pots too.  If things are healthy and growing as they should they eventually outgrow where they are at.  These times of growth and change are good, and they are the way Christ intends us to be as His followers.  We should be growing all the time.  If we fight the growth, or don’t give it the room it needs, then like a flower, we start to die. 
There is a lesson here for those of us entrusted to oversee the growth of others. Whether as Mommies, Daddies, friends, or ministers, we need to know that when our little flowers are ready for bigger pots we have to give what they need.  Sometimes we get to grow with them, and other times, we have to give them away to someone who has the right things in place to keep them growing.  Regardless, our job as gardeners is too feed our little flowers and pour into them with everything we have.   It might be sad for us if we don’t get to grow with them, but we need to rejoice in the fact that if we do our jobs the way we should then we will have grown flowers that will be hearty, healthy, and beautiful enough to move on to bigger pots.       

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